Monday, October 3, 2011

I know ..Right?


Okay! so I need to step it up here on my blogging etiquette and so I will I promise to blog at least weekly! October is promising to be a great fun filled month I am truly excited for this week in particular in which tomorrow i get to style a vintage school mini shoot and Friday we do our personal family shoot ♥

My "Real" moment for the week : the wreath pictured above was used for a Fairytale Engagement Shoot I styled for Smetona Photography done on September 8th (The engagement shoot will soon be featured so stay tuned for it)  well i got a post on face book from one of my lovely friend photographers who found it out on location in the forest in Wrightwood where I left it. I know right?  i was going crazy concocting a scenario in my head where it must be , but low and behold "found" in a pretty desolate location only photographers may frequent. Thank goodness for industry buddy connections!♥

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